How does your clinic make couples' appointments?

Kim Ross 8 years ago in Appointments Module updated 8 years ago 4

We create a client record for each on an appointment for each at the same time. However, only one client appointment is billed creating an "appointment without a service line" alert for the other. Is there a better way?

In our office the person who makes the appointment is the client. They have the dx, the treatment plan and if records are released unless we get permission from both parties, we redact the spouses name. I'm interested to know how and why Kim creates an appointment for each person at the same time.

Upon intake, a client record is created for each spouse. Then, they are basically "double-booked" on the clinician's schedule. The reason two client records are created is because our staff want each client to receive intake docs via kiosk.

Kim we have the spouse fill out an intake too but we have a separate spouse intake form that we are able to send via the kiosk but it doesn't funnel into the DA. Do you end up with service lines that aren't billed?

Yes. We do. The result is they show up on the 1300 form. We'd like to possibly use another process.