Signature box not working?

Julie R. Anderson, MA, LMFT 5 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by tbelcher 5 years ago 4

I have a few practitioners who are struggling to get client signatures after opening the signing window.  I've been looking at individual computers and it appears that nothing is wrong so does anyone have thoughts / suggestions?  I haven't sent a Ticket yet and just wanted to "poll" the community for thoughts. 

Are you using Chrome? There have been some issues with the latest version of Chrome and the signing feature.  Procentive told me they fixed it but I can send you directions on how to force Chrome to work with Procentive and allow you to sign.

type "chrome://flags" into your browser. on the next screen type "touch events api" into the search box. make sure the touch events api is enabled.  that solved all the problems with chrome.

We've had some struggles with signatures over the years - you could try on one of the computers to uninstall and reinstall the topaz download.  Also ensure cache is fully cleared.  Good luck!

I recently came across this with several staff, as well. They previously could sign under their user name and it quit working. I had to manually go in to their staff settings and turn on their ability to sign documents again.