Are you referring to a telephone or facetime type session? We were set up to use IDSolutions, Inc. but it didn't work for the clients we were hoping to reach and never got off the ground. Our plan was to check each client's benefit plan but we always tell client's it is ultimately it is their responsibility to know their benefits. I don't know if that is what you are looking for.

I'm referring to either telephone, Skype or Facetime (because I think it all falls under Telehealth). We are planning on launching Telehealth this year so I'm looking for ideas and suggestions of what others are doing. THanks.

We've been using Telehealth (facetime) for psychiatry for some time. You must check with each payer to determine whether, in general, they cover Telehealth, what codes and modifiers they require and whether a prior authorization is needed. For each individual commercial client you must determine whether his/her specific policy offers Telehealth coverage. Once you sort out the billing quirks the system runs pretty smoothly from a payment perspective. The much larger issue with Telehealth is the client privacy/computer security set-up needed to comply with the regulatory requirements prior to providing service.