We are new to procentive and I have two issues....

jparker 6 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by crystalp 6 years ago 1

We are new to procentive and I have two issues. First I am having trouble getting clients with Hennepin Health out of the module had an rejections on Unit codes fixed that now they rejected because of "service line days" looked on the X-12 summery and claims looked good. Any insight out there? Second issue is I cannot get a Private BCBS claim to pay at our private rate,called BCBS and they said that I cannot put HPCS codes and modifiers on a Private claim only on a Pmap,does not seem correct to me.95% of our clients are consolidated or Pmap so this does not come up often. I greatly appreciate any help.

Did you ticket Procentive. I'm not totally understanding the issues, so I can' t be of much help. For unit issues, set them to always 1 unit (for 908 codes and any other codes that should just be billed out as 1 unit).