Paper EOBs

Rochelle Garcia 8 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by crystalp 8 years ago 2


I was wondering what other users do with the random paper EOBs that come from private payers when the payment does not come electronically? We would like to be completely paperless and I always feel as if I have to keep these EOBs and I just dont know which module to save it under. I dont want to put it in clinical/charting because it is not clinical and the only other place I could think of is client/payers. Looking for suggestions.


What we do is upload it into the payers documents. If they come by check, which for us BCBS and Health Partners still send checks, it is part of a daily deposit and we keep these on our network or public drive.

We created a staff person named "Billing Department", in the Documents Module > Staff, I upload all Billing related documents that are not electronically sent to Procentive, see attached image. For Paper EOB's I sort them by Payer. We keep a lot of documents in the Documents module such as auth forms and credentialing documents.