Revisiting adding new, already credentialed staff to your agency

Luke 5 years ago in Staff Module updated by Susan Davis LICSW 4 years ago 8

I am wondering if there is any new info or ways agencies are able to start billing for professional staff being added to their agency. From what I have read we should not be having a fully licensed staff billing under another professionals license as they wait to be added as it may be fraudulent. I am wondering though how agencies deal with that?  We just waited about 6 weeks just to add a licensed staff to our agency with most insurance companies  who was already credentialed . How do agencies deal with this?

Can you explain your concerns with it being fraudulent? When we do this our executive director is billed out as supervisor and she is cross checking all work as it on her license. She also has signed an assurance statement with the state stating / agreeing to requirements todo supervision. 

We bill out under our CEO as well but I was wondering about this, myself

We bill out under the supervision of a credentialed provider.  We have verified with all our contracted insurances if this is allowable, United Behavioral Healthcare required us to have a Supervisory Contract to do this but most others said that this type of practice is allowed, in most cases these providers are first starting out as a Licensed professional counselor in-training or APSW then transferring to a LCSW or LPC once they have their hours.  If we hire a candidate that already has their full licensure we do not start them until they are in UBH and BCBS as those are our top two payors, generally this takes about 30-45 days for credentialing. Hope this helps.

There is some misinformation in this thread.  If anyone would like to consult about it I am available.  612-991-7666

Susan, can you share with the group your thoughts? This is something that many are wondering about.

To Jenna's question I had heard that an independently licensed professional can not be billing under another professional license. Not the case obviously for a clinical trainee.

When I originally asked this question, we were not Rule 29 certified. We are now, but this is still an interesting question to get clarity on.

Yes, Susan Davis, would you be willing to share your information on this thread? It is so hard to know what is allowable and what is not. When we have clinicians who are supervised, finally get all their hours in and pass their test - it seems unethical to have them stop seeing clients until they are credentialed with providers. Some providers can take up to three months to credential - and Tricare can take even longer. I would be very interested to know what people do to not interrupt services for clients needing them.

Hi all, I am happy to discuss/consult.  I would prefer to have individual conversations as every situation is different and based on type of contract you have with each insurance company, etc.  If interested, please call at number listed above.