Secondary Payer Settings

Jeremy Roelofs-Lynch 6 years ago in Settings Module updated 6 years ago 3


I am trying to set up billing a secondary insurance for our locations -- they have never done this in the past!

I found the settings but after some initial testing it wasn't populating the correct $$$ on the claim(s). There are multiple Yes/No options...help!

Use these settings when a payer is the secondary payer:

Subtract these when computing invoice charge on claim:  

Add these when computing the prior payment:             

Subtract these when calculating the invoice charge:

I am hoping someone can share ideas/best practices on how to get secondary payer billed launched.

Thank you!

When  a claim is open from the ERA module, Copy COB must be checked off on the top right of the screen. If this box is checked off, the COB will auto-populate.

Ticket Procentive, they have best practices for the settings.