Copay issues - how to show where an old copay was applied when it's now an "applied credit"

Betsie F. 5 years ago in User Group Help updated 5 years ago 4

How do people show their clients exactly how their copays were applied, when the copay has been turned into a "credit applied"?  Sometimes clients wants to know which copay they missed a long time ago (like in 2016) and sometimes a client wants a list of all copays they've made, showing on which DOS they were allocated, to submit to their flex-spending account. 

In order to make them an actual "list," we have to print out a list of their payments, then for all of the "applied credits," try to figure out which copay date might have been applied to it. This often takes a very long time to research.  What do the rest of you do to show exactly where a copay was allocated, when it has turned into an applied credit?

We struggled with this for quite some time. Currently when I enter a payment, in the reference field I type in the form of payment (MC, Visa, Disc, Amex, Ck# ****, Cash), the name of the person making the payment if it is not the client (sometimes separated parents need to know who paid what), and the date of the payment. When the statements print this information is listed on the statement-even though the payments within the client record only say "credit applied". BillCare does our actual billing and applies the payments - although we actually enter the payments into Procentive.

Thank you, Mary.  So, are you saying that BillCare also uses the reference "credit applied" on the statements, so a client still cannot see the payment reference for the actual payment that was applied?  We also put "Pd by Mom" in the payment reference, for example.

When you open the actual client record, and click on the payments link, it says "credit applied"-not helpful.

So, we just run a statement for the client. Payments are referenced on the statement by type of payment, who made the payment if it was someone other than the actual client, and the payment date. It takes a bit longer to enter the payments into the system this way but tracking is much easier.
To clarify...the statements when printed actually show whatever I enter as a reference (ex: "Ck# 1234 (FirstName LastName) 10.08.18") next to the payment. If the payment was split between multiple DOS the same reference line appears by each payment line on the statement that the payment was applied to. In order to see this you do actually have to print the statement. This makes it easy for the client to see who made the payment, when it was made, and what DOS or multiple dates of service it was actually applied to .

After I sent that last reply, I realized/remembered that the statements show the actual payment reference next to Applied Credit.  Thanks for the reminder!  We are updating our practices to make it easier to explain copay issues to clients.