Offering Employee Benefits Packages

Tracey Malone 6 years ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated by Susan Davis LICSW 6 years ago 5

Our clinic is currently set up with only the option of being Independent Contractors. We are exploring the possibility of developing an employee option/employee benefits package as well. Has anyone been through this process or  have suggestions about options and/or where to go to develop this?

You can't have contractors and employees doing the same job.  It is either or.  The department of labor would have a field day.  I offer business consulting if you would like to reach out.

Does this mean that we cannot have therapists that are contractors and others that are employees? Or does this mean that we cannot have a therapist contractor who does admin as an employee during other hours?

you are correct, you can not have therapists as contractors and therapists as employees.  I suppose you could have contract therapist hired as admin.

What state are you in? Is this by state or a Federal rule?

What is your contact info, we may want to reach out with some questions.

I am in MN.  I can be reached at 612-991-7666