Charging County Insurance Clients for No Shows and Late Cancels

Paula 6 years ago in Industry News/Discussion updated 6 years ago 1

I understand that we must accept payment in full, regarding billed claims, when our clients have a county insurance.  My question is.... is it permissible to directly charge a client, with county insurance, a fee if they Late Cancel and/or No Show.  We do have it addressed in our financial contract, which is signed by each new client.  

Ok - I found the answer in the MHCP Provider Manual - the answer is NO.... it is not permissible.  Please see below.

Prohibition Against Seeking Payment from Recipient

You must not request or accept payments from MHCP recipients, their families, or from others on behalf of the recipient for:

Base rate changes made by MHCP;

Missed appointments;

The difference between insurance payments and usual and customary charges; or

Services otherwise covered by MHCP, unless an MHCP copay or cap applies.

You may not seek payment from a recipient until at least six months after all public assistance for which eligibility existed has been terminated.