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Jessica 6 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by sarah 6 years ago 7

Our facility is new to Procentive. We are being asked to submit medical records for one of our clients. What is the best way to gather a record set to fax out to a requesting facility?

I go to the clients dashboard and then choose full record on clinical charting.

Hello Jessica,
If you have integrated faxing capabilities in Procentive (Faxing Module), my recommendation would be to use the batch change feature in Clinical Charting, then choose the "Fax All" option.  Here is a video from the Knowledge Hub: https://support.procentive.com/Clinical_Charting/Articles/Batch_Change_Clinical_Documents

We don't send the entire record.  We go to Clinical-Charting and display the document list for the client, multi-select only the documents we want to send, click Change, then "Fax All".  This attaches the selected documents to a blank fax (the fax-send window opens when you click Fax All).  You can then address the fax and you're good to go.  This also keeps a fax log within the documents that were sent (lists where and when document was faxed), and adds the fax symbol to the document list in Clinical-Charting.

In my experience with the fax on Procentive that it does not display the confidential statement when you send it, nor does it put your disclaimer on your records. You will need to add that. Unless this has changed. It has been some time since I have used it. 

Teresa, I believe you can have that information be a part of your cover sheet, so it automatically sends with each fax. That's how we have it set up through our Procentive faxing.

Sarah, perfect! I just sent in a ticket. I had forgot all about this. I love this HUB! 

Thank you! 

Agreed! It is so helpful to have a forum to discuss these things!