URGENT: Forced Procentive Logout Scheduled for TODAY at 12:05 PM [CST]

Alicia Swanson 6 years ago in Known Issues updated 6 years ago 1

Ever have one of those days when you wish you could just start over? Let's start with logging out and logging back in...

Today (Wednesday, 9/19/2018) at about 12:05 PM [CST] Procentive will automatically log out all users and require everyone to log in again.  This action is being taken to fix several bugs (including an inability to log in) that were accidentally introduced this morning when we updated Procentive password security. Please be aware of the following and communicate with other users within your agency in case they have not signed up for this email list:

  • If you have a form open, be sure you save it before 12:05 PM [CST].
  • After 12:05 PM (CST), the use of special characters in the username will work again. 
  • These reported issues are not due to superuser updates, but rather due to updated security for usernames and passwords.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Procentive Support.

Thank you for your patience today.  The last of the password fixes are now finishing and you should all be back to normal by 1:00 pm [cst].  


1. If you use any type of Auto fill or tool like LastPass please make sure it is turned off while resetting other staff's profiles.  2. Periods [.] are not allowed to be in the user name other than the one after the agency acronym.