teresa trepanier 6 years ago in Appointments Module updated 6 years ago 5

I am wondering if anyone is having issues still with their staff not being alerted when a client has arrived?

Our agency still is and it is very sporadic. 

Yes, we have had the same issues.

I have not heard about this issue for our staff.   We use it across many locations and providers.  Have you tried clearing cache on the computers where this is happening?

I know we had this issue for quite a while and clearing the cache/updating browsers did nothing to clear it up. I have not had any reports of the problem lately but that may just be because my co-workers are tired of complaining about the same issues every week.

I'm sorry to hear that some of you are still having issues with appointment notifications.  Please submit a ticket to Procentive so that we can pass the information on to our engineers to address the issue.  Specific examples of when the problem occurred are extremely helpful, such as the appointment & staff involved.

We want to get this fixed for you, so please tell us when it is happening.  

Kris Zerse

Customer Support & Training Specialist

Thank you everyone! 

Kris I will send you a ticket on this.