Billing for nutrition/exercise/yoga as part of treatment for PTSD, depression or anxiety

Alyson Zurek, LICSW 6 years ago in Industry News/Discussion updated by Richard Sethre, Psy D , L P. 6 years ago 2

I have a certified yoga/nutritional/wellness coaching expert (certified) who is also trained in Yoga for PTSD. She does not have a Masters Degree and is not a therapist. I am wondering, if she is assisting in the treatment of PTSD/Depression/Anxiety can we bill under a licensed therapist for the time spent? If yes, would there be a different code other than a 90837?

I am picturing this only for sessions that are spent specifically to address symptoms associated with diagnosis. Not necessarily ongoing for just basic overall wellness. If that were the case I know it would be a cash/private pay situation.



No, you can not bill for this individual to insurance.


Greetings to Alyson, Susan and the rest of the Procentive group interested in this discussion. 

I agree with Susan, but would like to add that it it at least theoretically possible to try to contract with insurance companies to have a special billing code for these wellness coaching services.  You would have to, however, convince them that these services are so helpful that it would save them money overall to pay for them -- eg, by if  they paid for wellness coaching you would be able to have a shorter length of treatment, or be able to transition sooner to less intensive services, or get better patient/client satisfaction results, or  something similar. It would be helpful to have data in support of the benefits of wellness coaching services.