Workflow set-up using staff interaction type - anyone with experience using this?

Calah Hansen 6 years ago in Workflow Module updated by Kim Ross 6 years ago 4

Hi all, 

Does anyone use interaction type when setting up Workflows?  We are interested but want to find out more information before changing all current clients/ staff/ interaction types.  Thanks in advance for any help on this!


My experience using it. I set up "interaction types" for a CTSS Skills Staff so that we could target workflows to the CTSS skills staff versus the primary therapist. I also set up interaction types for our SUD Treatment Program with LADC as an interaction type versus the primary therapist, again so that we could target workflows for specific staff. The workflows however, didn't work! After ticketing Procentive they said the "interaction type" feature does not work: "It looks like you have the workflow set up correctly, however it may not be possible to assign staff based on interaction type." I would be happy if this were not the case.

Hi Kim,

I just completed some basic testing and it looks like interaction types is indeed working! We currently have staff looking through old tickets to see if we can help get your workflow set up back on track. You will be hearing from us soon via ticketing.

Thank you!

Anne Foss

Product Delivery Manager

Hi Calah,

I have helped many agencies set up workflows based on their internal processes. Interaction types are commonly used when a project needs to go to a specific role of the client's care team, especially if that role is not the primary staff. Kim's example above is a great way to use this feature. If you would like to set up a consultative call, please submit a ticket and we'd be happy to schedule one with you.

Thank you!

Anne Foss

Product Delivery Manager 

Great news! 

I'm excited to have it working going forward.

Thanks Anne,