KNOWN ISSUE: Ticketing Attachments

Ashley M 6 years ago in Known Issues updated by Amanda Kaufmann 6 years ago 7

Currently, attaching outside documents to a ticket is not functional; we are working towards a resolution. In the meantime, if you need to send an outside attachment to Procentive please submit a ticket requesting that we look at an outside attachment and we will assist you in transferring it to us in a secure manner.

Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.


Thank you for posting this. I was just going to clear my history again, and saw this. I appreciate you letting us know you are working on this, and didn't let us waste time trying to figure it out. :)


I submitted a ticket with an attached a few days ago, and had wondered why I didn't receive a response - usually get one right away.  Do I need to resubmit, or will Procentive staff be able to access my attachment once the problem is resolved?

Hi Richard!

I apologize for the delay in response. I will take a look at the tickets from your agency to make sure the form attached, and have a forms team member respond shortly.

Thank you,

Anne Foss

Product Delivery Manager

I'm guessing this issue is still being worked on, right? We still can not attach items to tickets. I haven't sent a ticket to Procentive regarding this issue, because I have just been watching this post for updates. Thank you!

Just wanted to chime in - we are also having this issue but I didn't submit a separate ticket since it was already posted here.  We can attach one outside document at a time but we have to close the ticket and re-open to attach each additional document whereas previously we could attach multiple documents at a time.

Hi all, 

Yes the attachment function is still being worked on by our engineering team. Thank you for following the comments in this thread and we will continue to keep you posted when there are new updates. 

This post will reflect fixed, when the resolution has been put in to place. 

Thank you all for your continued patience as we work through this. 


The ticketing attachments have been resolved, and are now functioning as they were previously. You will now be able to upload your attachments back to tickets. 

Thank you all for working through this with us patiently.