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Very odd and sporadic issue here, so I wanted to see if anyone else in the community has seen it.  A few staff have reported that typing is delayed on Procentive.  When the staff is typing, the computer (or website) has to "catch up".  The same staff that had the problem had no issues on other sites or email, etc.

I was able to check out one of the systems yesterday, and it had no recent programs installed, no malware, no recent updates, etc.  I cleared the internet cache, and let them try again.  The problem still existed on Procentive.

Not even really looking for a solution here, just seeing if anyone has the same trouble!  Thanks.

I should mention they are both using IE 11.  Not in compatibility mode or anything weird!

Yes, we've had this issue for ages. Several of our counselors have experienced it while using Chrome but I believe others have been using IE with similar issues. Occasionally we've had counselors who didn't notice the delay right away and continued typing without waiting for the "catch up" when this happens I've received a few reports of missing words or letters (sometimes sentences for the really fast typers).

Thanks.  I have a couple staff with the problem now, and next time they experience it I am going to open the task manager and see if the webpage has what looks like a memory leak.  That is my best guess at this point. 

While I was typing this another staff member called to report the slow typing, and crashing webpage.  Sometimes the pages seem to say not responding along with this issue.

Also, when refreshing existing reports it is very slow.  I often exit clinical/charting or exit Procentive (after trying F5) and then go back in for the update to have happened.  Not sure if the exiting makes it refresh if it is just that slow.  

I'm not sure if this is related to the processing speed or not?

My experience has been that lags like that occur when the auto-save routine gets hung up by a slow internet connection speed, or delayed server response. I would suggest playing with extending the auto-save time interval to 2 or 4 minutes as I would think the lags are only occurring when the auto-save is attempting a new save.

Thanks Alan.  I'll suggest that to staff and see if there is any improvement.  3 of the 4 were on cell connections so possibly slow.  The 4th report of this today was on a solid 40Mb, but that could be the exception that proves the rule.


Setting the autosave higher seemed to work for a while.  I now have some of the group that had the original trouble saying they are getting delayed text even with a 3-4 minute autosave interval.  Anyone else seeing this more often in the last month?  Thanks for any ideas you may have.