Known Issue: Faxing Down

Amanda Kaufmann 6 years ago in e-Faxing updated 6 years ago 2

We have been notified that Faxage (the faxing company we partner with to send and receive faxes) has an issue with their server currently being down. 

We are in the process of gathering information in regards to what will happen with incoming and outgoing faxes that are currently in the queue, as well as asking for an estimated fix time.  When we receive an answer, we will post the updates here. 

Faxage alerted us that their systems are back up and running. We are still waiting on a response in regards to faxes being received (inbound to your agency) during their outage time. 

However outbound faxes that are sitting in a "queued" status from yesterday did not send, and will need to be re-sent if they don't show a success status. 

At this time that is the only update we have been able to obtain from Faxage. We will continue to update as we hear more. 


Faxage has confirmed that this has been fixed. Their outage occurred between 1:30pm CST and 4:45 pm CST on 7/25. Any faxes that were attempted to be sent during that time do need to be manually re-sent. 

Please access your Faxes Module, find any faxes that are labeled "queued" during that time period, and resend to their destination. 

Any incoming and received faxes did not come through during that time, however our system was able to deliver them after the outage was fixed. Faxes began coming in to our system again around 4:44 pm CST. If you are missing any specific faxes from yesterday's outage please send Procentive a ticket after you've confirmed with the sender that they sent successfully.