teresa trepanier 6 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Tim Scott 6 years ago 5

Wondering what scanners everyone uses to upload directly into procentive? I am looking at getting new scanners for my staff. The ones that we have now are not TWAIN compatible. 

Thank you! 

As a personal\desk scanner we use the Brother ADS-2000e.  They are a twain compliant, fairly fast medium capacity USB desktop scanner.  They scan double sided with one pass.  We have about 10 deployed in various locations for people that deal with a lot of paper records.  There are help files in Procentive that help with the setup.  I believe there are settings to tweak in internet explorer for them to work correctly.

Thank you ! I will look into those.

Do you know if they work with a Mac system?

Tim, It doesn't say much on their product page, but the Brother USA website has drivers for Mac OS up to 10.13.  I wouldn't order more than one until you know for sure though if the twain scanning works correctly.