Rachael Smith (VP, Professional Services) 6 years ago in Procentive News updated 6 years ago 6

This morning we were alerted that browsers are caching a large amount of data.  Please clear your browsing history on your browser.  If you continue to experience issues after clearing your browsing history, please let us know.

How to clear your browser:




Thank you,

Rachael Smith 

Customer Support and Training Specialist

What are the issues this is causing?

Hi Kathy!

The caching was causing log in failures. If any of your staff experience log in issues, please have them clear their browsing histories and it should resolve.

Thank you,

Anne Foss

Product Delivery Manager

I cleared mine and still can't log in.

Cleared cache and still not working!

We weren't having any problems logging in this morning until about 10 minutes ago when we were all kicked off the site. We can't even get to the login page now and I've cleared my cache (as instructed) twice.


This is a Known Issue we are aware of, we are working on a resolution now and will update when this has been resolved.