Billing Set-Up - add-on codes

Christopher Burt 6 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Kayla Kenworthy 6 years ago 1

We are new to billing add-on codes, I think I have it set up right, but I am having a little bit of an issue.

We require audit ready notes before billing out the service line, but I've noticed that the add-on codes are billing out when a batch bill is sent out, even if the original note with the first 30 minutes service line is not yet audit ready.

So it looks like:

0364T code attached to a progress note

0365T code also created as an add-on

0364T code needs an audit ready note attached to the line - it isn't audit ready yet 

0365T bills out even if 0364T isn't ready.

Is there a way to set it up where the add-on code does not bill out until the original code is audit ready?

We've had this issue as well. I bill for a mental health facility and when we are billing our ARMHS and Travel, sometimes our travel will bill out before the ARMHS service is ready. 

Sometimes the provider puts the note on the add on code and it bills out.

I asked someone from Procentive, and they said that it could depend on which service line is being entered first. 

Hope we can figure this out.