Workflow setup for Clients with no service in the past 60 days

Calah Hansen 6 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by teresa trepanier 6 years ago 5

HI all,

I am hoping for some guidance on workflow definitions module set-up for Clients that have not had a service in the past 60 days.  Our clinicians would like to be notified when a client reaches 60 days with no service so they can complete the "Discharge".  We have tried running report 3140 "Inactive Clients" but would prefer an automated notice to clinicians.  Some of our clients are enrolled in multiple programs or have multiple staff associated with the client.  We typically have the outpatient MH program and outpatient MH staff person as primary.  Clients that are enrolled in School LInked Mental Health (SLMH) are listed as Primary (if no outpatient MH program/staff) or Non-Primary (if the client has a primary outpatient MH program/staff).  Has anyone set-up workfows with multiple rules or do you just separate this into 2 workflows based on program?  Any help or ideas/suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Workflow Type: Client Workflow

Workflow Rule: No service in the past 60 days

Workflow Trigger: Days without service

Days: 60

Assigned Staff: Primary staff associated with Client or Non-Primary staff associated with Client


I'd like to set some WFs so we get notified when a client has been gone for 45 and 60 days, also when ROIs are due.  I think a webinar on work flow would be helpful.


I would be very interested in that webinar!

I have it set up by program and then when I go into the project rules and pick the staff I group them by role and program there. Also I have interactive types in the staff tab and use that as criteria so the system chooses the correct group. You can also create a staff group and have the system choose that way. Interactive types I have are ind. therapist, MH Prac, ARMHS etc...

Hope that information helps

Right now I am having difficulties with workflow on it changing my rules when I try to change a project. Example when I go in to change a MH tx plan it will also change my CTSS project with the rule that I had created for MH. Working with Procentive now to fix it, but just can't nail down the problem. Anyone else having issues?


I will take a look at the staff groups and interactive types that you mentioned.  Procentive sent out a workflow video tutorial recently that was helpful and it seems to be working now for the 60 clients haven't received a service. 

Teresa, I haven't experienced the rules changing but I tend to have very simple workflows and only usually have one rule.  Are you experiencing the rules changing for a totally different workflow set-up or just the one workflow with many rules?  Hope that those kinks get worked out for you!

We are experiencing some workflow issues around treatment plans.  For some reason, some treatment plan workflows go through and others do not.  Initially I thought it was because the clinician forgot to sign (that's the workflow trigger) but then we had many treatment plans that were signed but didn't create a workflow. I believe that Procentive is working on it over the next month and said that it should be resolved then or potentially by the end of the year.

Good to know!

For different workflow set up and they are in different programs. 

For you tx plans try switching the trigger to days before the document ineffective date.Then it won't matter on when the staff signed it.  That was working well before we had any issues.

I will have to take a look at that video. I feel it was working great awhile back and now that I add more separate projects for other programs it is not working so smoothly.