billing urine analysis/drug screens for BCBS MN

Ashley 6 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by crystalp 6 years ago 1

Has anyone had any luck billing UA's/drug screens to BCBS of MN?  We have quite a few clients w/BCBSMN PMAP policies, and we are writing off a lot in drug screens for clients.  Any ideas/codes/experience would be appreciated!


I'd also like info about this for all payers. We are now a Rule 31 clinic and one of our nurse practitioners does Urine Drug Screen or Saliva Drug Screen with clients and we'd like to be able to bill for it. It's brand new to us and she does not have information on what codes to bill for the services. Any help is much appreciated!

*additional info from our NP who does the testing: the CD testing is a cheek swab or a urine sample that is read on the spot by the clinician.