Avoiding missing a recision of a Release of Information

Randy Wallace 6 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Terri Anderson 6 years ago 4

Situation looking to find a solution is:  How to clearly document and identify a note/document for the purpose of rescinding a Release of Information, such that it is extremely difficult to miss the note/document in order to prevent the unauthorized release of information.  Perhaps a solution already exists.  Please advise.



At our clinic we change the title of the document and put Revoked release and an effective date.  i.e. the title of the document will now be Revoked Release eff 4/30/2018 instead of Release of Information which would look like a valid release.  Hope this helps.

Hello Kelli,

We currently have a Procentive Standard Clinical ROI Document which has a 'Client Rescind' section.  Logic has been embedded in the document that flags the Rescind in both the electronic and printed versions.   This form may meet your needs.  If you would like to have this form turned on for your agency, please submit a Clinical Help Desk Ticket and reference that you would like to review form PRO-1024R Release of Information (ROI).

Hi Terri! We are using the ROI T120100, which does not appear to have the rescind feature? Are there other differences? Perhaps we should consider switching. 


Hi Beth,

We have two newer Procentive standard versions of ROI that include a rescind feature along with some additional enhancements. One version enables a client to indicate what content may be exchanged by individual contact. If you can please submit a Help Desk Ticket it will be routed to our Forms Department where one of our staff would be happy to turn these newer versions on for your review.  If no additional customization is needed you will be welcome to keep them for use. For reference, the form numbers are: PRO-1024R and PRO-1024RM.