Clinician Name Change

sarah 6 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 6 years ago 4

Does anyone have a procedure in place when a licensed clinician gets married/divorced and has a name change? Do you bill under both names until the change is complete with all payers?


We ended up calling all of the payers that the clinician was billing and asked how they will process the name change request.  What we found is that most will make the change effective the date we request and a few will take 30 days to process. So what we did was for the payers that stated they will make the change with the effective date that we provide, is provided them a date 30 days out from when we submitted the change to the payers that said it would take 30 days to process.  Once the 30 day mark was up we then changed the providers name in Procentive.  Prior to the 30 day mark we were still billing under the old name.  We didn't receive any denials so this is the process we have been using whenever there is a clinician name change.  I hope this helps.

Thank you! This is the first one we've dealt with, so I really appreciate you sharing your process. I like the idea of putting the effective date out 30 days, so they all change at once. Thanks for that!

No problem, we found that to be the most effective way to go about it because of the payers doing it differently from one another.  Nothing is ever simple with insurance companies.