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Tina B 6 years ago in Client Portal updated 6 years ago 18

Is anyone using the client portal for statements rather than mailing them?

If so, please share any info...


We are also considering using the portal for statements.  I would love to hear any feedback!

Me Too, Postage is getting expensive :)

We are not, but I think it is a great idea to save on cost. I’m interested in feedback. 

Wondering if there is anything in the works where a text or email can be sent to the client once statements are ran and saved?

Has anyone stopped sending paper statements and tried to do everything via the client portal? If so, how's it going? Curious if an email can be sent to the clients reminding them to look at statement on the portal.


We are still mailing paper statements.  I asked procentive help desk just last week about the e-mail reminder for client portal statements and was told they are working on an enhancement with this feature, but there is not a project complete date they could offer.  It would be an incredibly valuable feature for our clinic, so hopefully is a priority for procentive.

This would be a huge time and money saver for us.  We submitted our request for this capability on 10/18/17.

I got you beat Jana. I sent a ticket on 2-21-17 regarding this....483 days ago.

I would like to hear any feedback regarding the use of the client portal and specifically using it for statements and online payments.  Is anyone using the client portal for anything??  If so, what features?

We use it to send paperwork to clients for completion/signature; they can request/cancel appointments; they (and/or their client representatives) can send/receive secure messages to/from their counselor or other staff on their record; they can review their documentation (based on the documents we allow them to view); we encourage them to go to portal to view their statements and they can make payments there.

We have been using the Client Portal for client payments for some time.

This month we did not print all of our statements.

We changed the Mail Tab to "do not send statement" for clients who were registered for the Portal, and printed those who were not registered. Report 2095 will show who is registered on the Portal.

I had tested this numerous times and it had worked where the statements saved and appeared in the Client Portal. So we made signs that we were going paperless and statements would be available in the Client Portal by the 6th of each month. We added a note to the statements for April & May about electronic statements. We also put in quarter sheets about not mailing paper statements any longer with the May statements.

When we ran the statements, they did not show up as being saved for those who were checked not to send statements.

Not sure what happened between the testing and running of the statements....something changed.

So we split report 2095 between 2 people, and pulled up each client in the Payment Module and ran/saved the statement .

We left "do not send statements" checked in the Mail Tab.

This actually went faster than folding, stuffing and mailing the statements, plus it was much cheaper.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for the info Tina! We'd love to go paperless...but it will be a work in progress!


I was unaware clients could make payments on the client portal.... is this through CMS?  How does that work?

Yes, it is thru CMS.

Once they open/view there statement, there is an option to pay online.

It will show up as a SuperUser on the Electronic Payment Report

yes, thank you for the information!  Much appreciated!

Tina, is Procentive looking into the save issue for you?

No, they are not looking into the save. I received the following ticket response on 6-6-18.......it's getting closer

I understand this is causing a lot of trouble for your agency right now, and we here at Procentive recognize this as something that does need to be fixed.

It is still in our enhancement queue, however prior to this request there were also several others that were done and we are at the point where it has been approved, and will be moving into the building phase.

With that however, we cannot promise a guaranteed go live date at this time, but want to keep the communication open that we have it on our list for the next steps.

This is impacting other agencies and is being taken care of as quickly as possible but we need to ensure it is done correctly as to not cause any other problems therefore taking some time.

We will keep you updated as this progresses and let you know the status as it unfolds.