Any clinics enroll with "Care Credit" or another type of Medical credit card for their clients to pay for services?

crystalp 6 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Laura Hulsey 6 years ago 5

Has anyone in the past used Care Credit or another medical credit card for clients to apply for and then they use that for paying for services, or if they accrued a large balance, have them apply for it then they would owe Care Credit the balance and not your clinic? I know now that we have the Vault feature that this could perhaps take place of a care credit type of card.

Thanks in advance.

I have tried on two different occasions to run a "Care Credit"  information through CMS and it declined both times with an invalid number message...I am not familiar with what this is, but it would definitely be helpful to use for clients who have large balances.  We do use/store HSA cards regularly through CMS without issue.

Unfortunately, Care Credit does not cover mental health services. I've called and spoken with them before. :(

Thanks TIna, this saves us time researching, I kind of thought that bc I did some searching and did not see mental health under the categories.

We've used MedCredit in the past, however do no offer this option anymore.  

I would say it works well for those that pay down their balance on a regular basis.  However, for those that don't, you may never see payment in "full" anytime soon.  

Yes, thank you for the info!