Issues with slowness and modules not working.

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I know people are having problems with the eligibility module, but is anyone having issues with every module?  My billing module isn't working.  I am getting complaints from staff that the clinical module is having problems.  This is the big day of the month to do facility billing and we are stuck.

We are seeing slowness throughout our system, but if I understood Ashley's update correctly, she is saying the Eligibility Module may be dragging down the rest of the system, so if users stop using that for now, it may improve performance for users of other areas of the system.   That is the word I'm putting out to our staff - avoid Eligibility Module for now.



Jana is correct - this is actually separate from the issues being experienced today. Today's issues are directly related to DHS eligibility system not working. For more details, please review this post on the User Community. Our Systems Engineers are also in the final stages of speeding things up as well, so there should be significant improvement this afternoon.

Same here.  I keep getting booted out of Procentive while trying to send off claims.  I cleared my cache as recommended in their email but it doesn't seem as if that helped.  It's unfortunate for this to happen to customers on a very busy work day.

We are having issues with every module as well. Every 10-15 minutes of use we get 2-3 new tabs that open up saying that there was an error and it is effecting everything we are trying to do in procentive.

We have had the same issues all morning.  It's really causing us trouble here since staff cannot enter time, or finish notes without getting errors.  We let our staff know not to use eligibility for now as well, but the root of the problem is really that the software is not designed to handle a slowdown in one module.  A slowdown of one module should not affect all modules or all agencies in a properly programmed application.

To ALL PROCENTIVE employees on this stream.  Our inability to use this Program because it does not work is creating backlogs of work for which I will have to pay overtime.  I am not going to pay for the pleasure of using a program that consistently can not handle the volume of companies you have using it.  Not being able to schedule a new client has nothing to do with the speed of the program or eligibility.  By the way eligibility works just fine with MN-ITs.  What is your plan to resolve the many issues your program is having today?

Our Client Module won't do a search, and scrolling through all clients shows that many clients are missing. Entering a client number in the lower search window results in a blank Client Module screen.

We have adjusted the code and it will be live in the system in the next 5 minutes.  Thank you for your patience

Hi Katie, Unfortunately we are now getting errored out and logged out almost constantly now. Is there an update on that code adjustment?