Refund/NSF Module

Kali 6 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated 6 years ago 4

Anyone else have the issue of trying to refund a client account in Procentive, and it will not pull up the client?
Does it matter if the payment is in a 'closed period'?

I take back the closed period question.  The client I'm trying to process a refund for, the payment is in an open period.  

When I choose "Client"  from the picklist to refund by trying the client number, client first name, or client last name, the search returns "No records found."

When this has happened to me, it was because the client I was trying to refund was inactive.  As soon as I activated their record and went back into the refund module, the client appeared for me.

I have had that happen, the client was "inactive".  Apparently, refunds are only available to "active" clients...

This client is listed as active.  I ended up sending a ticket to Procentive.  

And now I checked on it this morning and it works perfectly fine.... must have been related to some of the issues with Procentive yesterday.  

Thanks for the input!