Procentive running slowly

Christopher Burt 6 years ago in Time Module updated by Jana 6 years ago 8

Is any one else experiencing slow load times for Procentive? I have received multiple reports from staff this morning across our sites.


It has just started running slowly for me within the last 5 minutes


Yes, we are experiencing the same issues making it very difficult to get our work done.....

Same here is running very slowly

We are too.  Is there a resolution to this ongoing issue??  It makes it very difficult to get our work done when this continuously happens.

Hello everyone, 

We are aware of the slow speeds that are being reported today. Our engineers are currently testing coding changes that we hope will help fix the system later this week. 
Once these changes are implemented we will update the User Community to keep you informed on the status of the problem. 
We apologize for any inconveniences this may be causing and thank you for your patience as we strive to fix this in a timely manner.

Deanna Cahoon-Draus
Customer Support Specialist

just an update to Procentive to let you  know our system has become really slow today again with the last 15-20 minutes (in case the time of day is relevant to the issue or testing)