KNOWN ISSUE: Programs Drop-Down in Time Module

Anne Foss 6 years ago in Time Module updated 6 years ago 2

Programs are not appearing in the Time Module > Add Window > Program Drop-down. Because of this, it appears as if a service line can't be added. The workaround for this issue is to re-select the location, which will refresh the drop-downs and allow a Program to be selected.  We are working on implementing a fix and will update this post as we learn more.

This is only occurring when adding administrative service lines without a client attached. 

If a staff person is only associated to one location, have the staff select a client with the desired program, and then select the [select...] option from the drop-down again. This will allow the addition of an administrative service line in the desired program.

We put through a patch overnight. The program drop-down issue has been resolved in all browsers. If you continue to have issues, please clear your cache. If clearing your cache does not work, please send a ticket to our Support Desk and we will help troubleshoot further.

Thank you.