Mental Health Billing/Coding Training

Rochelle Garcia 6 years ago in User Group Help updated by crystalp 6 years ago 3


Not Procentive related but I feel this is a great place I can come to for support on the administrative side of things.  Im wondering if anyone is aware or knows of any billing/coding trainings held in the area that are specific to mental health codes.  Ive worked with mostly CTSS codes which are pretty straight forward but as our practice starts to offer new services Im hoping for support on billing more private pay payers. 

Idea...Can Procentive's Bill Care offer any Billing Trainings???



Rochelle - I am uncertain what Procentive offers regarding this, however, I do.  I am a business consultant and owner of 2 Mental Health Clinics.  Happy to discuss.


Following :) I know that there are trainings with different payers regarding billing practices but if there was something specifically for mental/behavioral health, that would be amazing

CrossCountryEducation.com with Sherry Marchand. I've been to one of her trainings a few years ago. Not sure what is offered currently but you could search. It's not super specific training. The one we went to was before ICD 10 was rolled out. We took away some good things, some we already knew.