Issues getting booted out of Procentive when working in appointments, clients, clinical charting and payments modules

Kelli Feucht- ACS 6 years ago in User Group Help 0

Have any other clinics been experiencing issues of getting booted out to sign in screen when working in Procentive?  We have been experiencing issues in both Chrome and Internet Explorer where we get booted out of Procentive while working, so in the middle of scheduling an appointment, typing a clinical note, or applying payments.  It seems like it is happening often late morning and in the afternoon intermittently?  We check our internet connection and we are staying connected to our programs which operate on a Remote App server so we need internet connection for those programs and are not loosing connection with that, so we don't feel it is on our end.  Just curious if anyone else is also experiencing any of these issues as well?  Thank for your feedback.