First of the year benefit verification

Tina B 6 years ago in Clients Module updated by crystalp 6 years ago 5

Does anyone have any best practices that can be shared when it comes to the first of the year where benefits(not eligibility) need to be re-verified and releases in the client module need to be updated?

Currently, we end up with a tone of paperwork that ends up having to be scanned.

Thanks Much!

Our clinical trainer/quality control requires that all providers have all of their clients sign the PPSA (and maybe other required releases) in January or at their first session of the new year. For benefits, we mostly check deductible amounts, co pays and enter them into client payer > enrollment tab. For specific benefits, we really only call when clients are referred to or admitted into programs like DBT, Co occurring, etc. Our system for E&B has improved in the last year since I have someone to actually focus more on the payers tab and E&B, but there is always room for improvement, just not enough man hours or budget. 

Isn't that the truth!

What about the consent to bill their insurance and their privacy rights?

I think the PPSA covers both of those....insurance and privacy rights. I haven't spent the time to read all that fine print, which clients most likely do not read either but it's my understanding our PPSA covers those main things.

We have a Workflow alert set up for the signature date, and notify the clinicians when the consent forms are getting close to expiration. It's a good reminder for them that the DA is coming due, as well - usually. I like the idea of doing everyone in January, but I think our clinicians would rather it correspond with the DA expiration.

We as well have a workflow alert, however ours is off the DX expiration that comes from the DA. We then use that to update Consent, ROI, financial and Privacy Practice forms. 

Hope this is helpful.