Reimbursement rate changes

Jill 6 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Shauna Dall 6 years ago 3

Good morning!  I am wondering if anyone has advice on managing the process of reimbursement rate changes from our various payers.  Do you rely on the bulletins that are sent out or do you just watch the EOBs to know if/when rates change?  Or do I need to be going online and watching fee schedules?  If you are able to respond and let me know how this is done at your organization I would be grateful.

Thanks & have a great day!


IMO check the fee schedules.  We just missed the Day Treatment one although I think our facility is pretty good about watching the bulletins and checking the ERA's.  We had this charge set at the rate it paid at due to the 2 staff on same day/payment split.  Thought it would make it easier to apply payment but actually missed a few months then on the rate change. 

Outside of that we usually do notice right away on the ERA's and bulletins though.

Thank you Shauna.  It seems like payers can change rates at any time? Or is this typically done at the 1st of the year?

pretty much whenever they want.  This one that I missed a few months on started in June but wasn't actually posted in a bulletin until 9.26.17.