CTSS Day Treatment

amybenson 6 years ago in Industry News/Discussion updated by Missy 6 years ago 2

If you only have 2 clients enrolled in a day treatment for the 3 hour group sessions. An Statute states you have to have 3 "enrolled" to be considered day treatment. Can you bill out "individual skills" for 2 hours until more clients enroll to become a group again? Low numbers are due to discharging clients and no new referrals at this time.

As I review this whole issue, I made a mistake stating that I provide CTSS services.  I used to provide CTSS out-patient before changing jobs in spring, 2017 when I joined with St. William's Living Center.  Please change this form so that I am not included with providing CTSS services.  I have not applied for eligibility to be a provider for CTSS service, and currently when I do see children, I have been billing under out-patient psychotherapy.  I also do not have any plans to pursue eligibility towards providing CTSS services, so  please de-list me on the form.  Thank you much.  Claudia. 

Hello Claudia, 

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