alternate client ID #'s

Calah Hansen 6 years ago in Clients Module updated 6 years ago 3

We have several programs that report to funders with alternate client ID #'s instead of the Procentive Client ID #.  For example the MN-ITS Client ID#, HMIS Client ID# or the HCM ID# for the SLMH groups out there.  It would be nice to have a spot to capture these alternate ID #'s in Procentive.  How have other people handled this?

I'm not totally sure what you are referring to bc there are no payers that want the Procentive client ID #. That is for internal use only. For MA- PMI In the client module > Payers tab there is a spot for the MA number. 

I would suggest either using the MISC tab (extra info) box, or you can attach notes to the client in the notes tab with the client IDs that you need. Example, you could add "MN-ITS Client ID#: 0000000" In the notes tab. Then, the staff just has to hover over the note in the client module to grab the information.

Both of those are viable options for us!  Thank you Chris!