Many repeated logouts

KatieW 7 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by NP Support 7 years ago 5

This was happening occasionally last week but today we have encountered multiple logouts just during the morning. This has been very disruptive to both the clinicians trying to do paperwork and to the admin staff trying to take care of all the behind the scenes work. It doesn't seem to matter which module we're in or what browser is in use.

 Is anyone else having similar issues and is there any news of a fix?

Procentive's engineers are actively working on it. I just chatted with Ashely at Pro.

I am experiencing a similar issue. Procentive will freeze on me and will need to logout to get it working properly again.

I've have already sent in a crisis ticket regarding this issue. The engineers are working on it.

Yes, it is happening to us, too!

Has this been resolved?  We had a lot of logoffs yesterday as well, and it really causes some serious issues for staff.