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jmathwig olson por 6 years ago in Reporting Module updated 6 years ago 4

Does anyone have suggestions on what Procentive report to run to collect data on the number of clients served in a particular program, broken out by Payer, age of client, county of financial responsibility and during a particular service period? I need to make sure that my data is not duplicated. For example, we often have clients enrolled in multiple programs within our agency. I only want to count each client once despite being in more than one program. 

This report may sound familiar to those users living in Hennepin County and completing the Hennepin County "Contracted Services Performance Report".  

Thank you! 

I use the Client General Report (3400) because I can select nearly everything I need in one report.

Thanks Celia! I have also the 3400 report. I don't see an option for "unique clients" on that report. I need to make sure that I'm not counting a client twice if say they are in both our individual therapy and family therapy program. Any suggestions on this issue? Also, can you filter by age with the 3400 report? I have not seen that option. 

We have an option to specify the program, so that helps.  We also have an option for "unique clients only" at the very bottom.

I like the fact that you have individual and family programs! I wonder if that makes billing and clinical charting less confusing.

I don't know that I "filter" by age, but I do sort by age so that age groups are together. It took a few trial runs before I figured out how exactly to get the report to provide me exactly what I need. Sometimes I run it twice, depending on what data I need. 

Hope this helps!