Medica network Rep

crystalp 6 years ago in User Group Help updated by Mark Cornell 6 years ago 3

Does anyone else have problems finding out who their Medica/UHC/Optum network rep is? We have had many different reps over the past 4 years and currently, we have tried getting in contact with someone and we still have not pin pointed who that person is and get no response from anyone at Medica. It's very frustrating as we have contracting questions, consistent denied claims for IOP, etc. Who would like to share names and contact info of people you have at Medica who may be able to help us? THANK YOU.

We have the same issue.  We call Network Management and are told they are assigning our case and then no-one calls.  We have to do constant follow-up to get anywhere.  I too would like any contacts that others have found helpful.

Not sure if this is what you're after, but you can call United Behavioral Health at 1-877-614-0484, and I believe you select option 5 to speak with a network representative.    
I called the number above not too long ago with a network/credentialing question, and also asked to get an update on who our Network Manager is, and she provided it to me right away.

we are experiencing similar service. I have called, faxed and emailed with no response.