Taxonomy code for consolidated NPI

Anonymously 6 years ago in Clients Module updated by Elisa Garibay 6 years ago 4

Happy New Year! 

Is anyone out there with a consolidated NPI using Procentive's eligibility check module? That is, an NPI that has two separate taxonomies on MNITS (one for CD and one for mental health). How is this working? Since DHS approved our Rule 31 enrollment and added the taxonomy code, we've not been able to use our agency NPI and the Eligibility check in the client record. Please help!

Hello we implemented Procentive 6/17.  The eligibility module never worked for us due to the same reason.  We are creating our own Eligibility Report using 4 reports from Procentive.  We plan to ask Procentive for an enhancement to create this report for us, as it is time consuming to manually create.  You may need to do the same.

In the Payers Module > ID's tab you can pull a different taxonomy for the Eligibility checks. Have you done this? What you are doing seems very time consuming.

Procentive did not give us this option, but I will definitely check it out!  Thank You!

Our issue is not the same, it involves having the same NPI for all locations.  Thank you for the suggestion.