Rate Changes

KatieW 6 years ago in Payers Module updated by Shauna Dall 6 years ago 4

It would be helpful if Procentive had a feature to make rate changes apply automatically to all fee schedules on a specified date/time. 

e.g. We are increasing several of our rates by a % on 1/1/18 so it would be nice to schedule the change and have it go into effect for DOS on/after 1/1. As it works right now, we will have to be extra careful checking each DOS to make sure it was billed out with the appropriate rate for 2017 or 2018.

This function would be helpful for us as well. Not just for the first of the year either as we have some rates that change mid-year or quarterly for residential services. Being able to set up the rates before the changes are made in order to make sure there are no claims that accidentally go out with the wrong rate, depending on the date, would relieve a lot of extra work!

I was just thinking about this today.  I think it would be great to have an effective date range option for codes, similar to authorizations.

I agree - this would be a huge time saver. What we've done to manage without is to just name the codes differently - like "Post 7/1/2017 H0047" and "Pre 7/1/2017 H0047" - to use as a bridge during those rate changes. Then we tie those rates in the payer module to reflect what they should be. Not the easiest method, but it has saved us some headaches, especially when we know the rate change ahead of time so we can prepare.

This is a great work around C. Burt!  Thanks for the tip!

It would be awesome (Procentive) if in the Rate Module there could be from/to columns so one would end on such-and-such date and the other would pick up.  Similar to the client module>payer>eligibility tab.