Anyone missing MN-ITS MA Remits this week?

Christopher Burt 6 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Shauna Dall 6 years ago 4

Wondering if something happened because of Christmas, maybe? We usually get around 8 or 9 different remittances from MN-ITS, only got 2 this week. Another organization I contract with also did not get the remittance from MN-ITS through Procentive, either.

YES, I am Missing one as well. I only got 2 as well.

We have not received our remit from MN-ITS either.

We have not received our remit either.  I was thinking the file would be here by Wednesday because of the holidays but nothing yet.

If you check out the DHS cut-off calendar, the EFT doesn't post until the 27th and the RA/ERA doesn't actually need to post until the 29th.  So although it usually coincides with your EFT, I would give it another day due to the holiday.