Tracking units used

Kayla Kenworthy 6 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by crystalp 6 years ago 1


I'm curious. My boss said we used to have Procentive track the number of units left for certain codes for patients.

Ex: We can bill 20 units of 90837 per year...this feature would track how many are used and give us a heads up if they were running out.

The only thing I've seen is the Benefits part which will show how many units are available for service with an authorization. Is this the only one or does my boss know of a magical new thing I should be utilizing?

Use the Client module> payers > authorizations tab. leave  the authorization/dated created line blank but you can enter in 20 units for Max units, if it's calendar year put start date 1/1/17 end date 12/31/17, enter in certain codes if  needed and Add. YOu can  have Procentive notify the primary staff based on different things, ie when there are 4 units left or certain # days or weeks before the 'bogus auth' is going to expire. Ticket Procentive, they can help you more if needed.