BCBS ERAs missing from the weekend?

crystalp 6 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Tina B 6 years ago 3

Is anyone else missing ERA's from BCBS from this past weekend? I normally get some decent sized ERAs and have not yet received BCBS commercial and only a smaller than normal Blue Plus.

We are not.  We've received Bluelink, Blueplus, FEP, CCS TPA, and BCBS Commercial 11/18-11/19. 

Again, I did not receive the normal BCBS ERAs that I normally get over the weekend. I've only received the smallish ones from unions. I don't have check #s or claims to give Procentive for them to open a case with the CH. I would feel a little better knowing others are having this issue. Thanks for any replies.

You can check the BCBS Remits on Availity to see which ERA's you may be missing.