Closing Charts

sarah 6 years ago in Clients Module updated 6 years ago 2

Has anyone else closed any charts today and ended up entering a date of death? I am wondering when Procentive added the "Date of Death" box on the Client Tab of the Client Module? It is in the same place where the "Date file closed" used to be. Ended up putting in a death date for a child this morning, by accident. I did not see a notification of this change. Did anyone else? Should I be looking somewhere for these updates that I appear to be missing? Thank you for any help!

I had a staff person ask about this today and if there is any way this new field could be moved elsewhere - maybe further out to the right so it stands out more as being new instead being in the spot where Date File Closed previously was.  She said she has been killing people off left and right the last couple of days (ha-ha).

I just realized I probably did it again this morning! Ugh! Thank you for commenting on this, so it was back on my radar!