place of service 99

dez 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by anonymous 7 years ago 6

We have a lot of problems with blue plus and pos 99. I noticed when you open up the change time window there is the place of service (ecmh) and one of the choices is other describe: . Does anyone know where you would go to describe and it be sent with the claim?

We have this issue sometimes.  If it comes back as denied or doesn't pass, add the AUC info and send the note as an attachment.  BCBS/Blue Plus requires a verbatim description in the note of where the service took place and then they will pay it.  I.e. met with client at library. 

Do you mean attach the note through procentive and send it back through procentive? If so how do you do that?

Yes, use the extra info tab and fax in the AUC with the note as the attachment.

Anyone know the straight MA fax # for claims attachments? We have some issues with this as well.

Also, those of you doing this, what changes do you make in the extra info tab? Do you use normal (override) drop down, change report type to (which one?) and report transmission code ( by fax)?  Or do you use other options?

Also, do you make up a Attachment control # and also use that as your Fax subject line?

What I do is I put in replacement claim and for transmission code I use electronic only. For the attachment control number I use the reference number on the claim and that works for me.