UA Modifier Puzzle

Kim Ross 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 7 years ago 2

CTSS Providers: When a client ends CTSS, how are you also ending, at the correct time, the addition of the UA modifier to service lines? The UA modifier (managed in the client module > payer tab > MN Medical Assistance Program drop down list) is added when the service lines are billed, not when they are created. Therefore, if a client is discharged from CTSS but continues to receive other services, how is this accurately managed?


We just have two rates created for each psychotherapy interval, so when a client is not/no longer receiving CTSS services, clinicians then choose the code without the modifier.

How are your codes set up? Are you saying that you have it set up that the modifier automatically gets added on?

Yes. It's a Procentive feature that automatically adds the UA modifier when we have selected the dropdown on the payer tab. You can see it there: Minnesota Medical Assistance Program - the drop down gives a choice between outpatient and CTSS, as well as others.

Perhaps we need to create separate codes as you have done?