Changing the payer on ERA after it's been allocated

Kayla Kenworthy 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 7 years ago 3

Hi Everyone!

Many times, I will be working on a MN DHS ERA and the payer changes to Medicare (or vice versa). I will start to allocate the ERA and then I notice that the payer is wrong, but I can't change it. If there are takebacks, I am unable to finish allocating due to the payer being incorrect. Is there any easy restart button to change this? Or do I have to manually go into the ERA and delete every single payment for customers through the Payment Module? 

Please help!

You  would have to delete every payment that was allocated. Then delete the payment and start over in ERA module. Mine DHS payment always defaults to Medicare and I know that, so before I click Save, I change it to Medical Assistance so its the correct payer name.


Hi there, 

If you need an entire payment deleted so you can start completely over with an ERA, Procentive can delete that payment for you.  Deleting the entire payment will remove all allocations assigned to that payment reference and let you start over.  You can request this by sending a ticket to the Support Desk. Hope this helps!


OMG! Missy! You just made my day! Sooo happy to hear this! Thank you!