Sending Void Claims to BCBS

Christopher Burt 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Chris 6 years ago 2

Has anybody had success voiding claims for BCBS? Seems that I am doing something wrong. I am filling out the control number, etc. but got a message from BCBS stating the header information does not match the predecessor. I wonder if I am missing something?

I am thinking you are talking about BCBS MN?  If so, yes, we have had to void claims with them before and they are a pain in the butt.  What we found out with replacement claims or void claims with BCBS MN is that when you get a letter stating the header or footer information does not match, that means that somewhere along the lines from when you submitted the original claim to now the void/replacement claim, you have different dates/service lines than what was on the original claim.  You have to keep everything the same way you originally submitted the claim in order for the void to work. 

Usually what we end up having to do is voiding the original claim altogether, wait for that to come through, then send in a replacement claim or a brand new claim just depending on the situation.  You have to have all dates for the date range you originally submitted all within one claim.  For example if original claim had dates 10/1 to 10/4 and that got submitted first and now I realized I forgot a 10/3 service line and submit it, it gets denied because its not on the same claim as the 10/1-10/4 claim; because this date of service falls within the date range of the claim you already submitted, you have to void the 10/3 claim, wait for that to come through, then send a replacement claim for the 10/1 to 10/4 and make sure you now include the 10/3 service line on here when you resubmit it.

It's definitely a pain and be prepared that once you void a claim and resubmit, that you will get a timely filing denial and when you call about it, they tell you they don't even see your original claim that you submitted within the timely filing in their system.  So then you have to do up an appeal proving all of this in order for them to then pay on the new replacement claim, etc...  It's like once you do a void claim, their system completely wipes it out of their records instead of just reversing it so they can still see it.

It's always something with BCBS MN and they definitely keep us on our toes when it comes to void claims/replacement claims.



Thanks for the response! It took me forever to get around to this.....I have been putting off these BCBS MN claims as long as possible.

Is there anyway to know in Availity if a void was accepted? I feel like I send in a void, wait 3 weeks to see if it went through by getting a rejection in the mail, rinse and repeat.

Thanks again!